Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis

I am Lindsey Davis, the historical novelist. A very warm welcome.

I have had a website since 1998, when it was created by Ginny Lindzey. We are now launching a new version by John Sargent of SiteWriters, with improved technical features. Some pages will be familiar, others may be simplified. We hope you enjoy the site and can find what you want.

Work in Progress

After 20 Falco novels and various standalones, I am enjoying my new series about Flavia Albia. The Third Nero will be published in 2017, together with a new digital novella, and I’m now writing the next book.

News and Events

Details of my 2017 UK book Tour will be on our News page as they are arranged.

Lindsey’s page will tell you all the news.

Hear Lindsey in discussion with her Editor. And again in (2015).

Hear Lindsey on Skype to Los Angeles.

Film option

There is news of a proposed Falco film series in our Media section but please note that this will be some distance in the future.


You can still contact me by email via the Contact page and I shall still read all emails myself, though there may be a delay in answering.

Lindsey Davis