UK Updates

Readers can sign up for occasional news from Hodder & Stoughton by sending email details to: My UK publishers run a Facebook page for me to sneer at, but John likes it, so he has linked my website to it if you enjoy such stuff.

Events Programme 2020

The Grove of the Caesars was published in the UK in April and is still planned for publication in the USA in July. Sadly the Coronavirus crisis has meant that all planned events for the UK hardback have had to be cancelled (including some I hadn’t even announced). I have promised to reschedule those if and when it is possible. I am of course over 70 myself and for other health reasons will have to be shielded; I am also aware that many of my readers will be in the same position. None of us should be rushed into action until it is safe.

Bearing this in mind, as soon as the lockdown began, I plucked up courage and made a homely video (in every sense, as I am at home in it) where I talk about the new book as I would have done in bookshops and festivals. It’s quite long (50 minutes) so is hosted on a professional platform at

A good thing is that people who would not normally have been able to come to events can experience one this year!