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UK Newsletters

In the UK publishers used to produce a Newsletter to coincide with each new book, telling readers a little about it. Everything is digital now, but readers can sign up for occasional news by sending email details to: They run a Facebook page for me to sneer at, but John likes it, so he has linked my website to it if you enjoy such stuff.

Events Programme 2018 (more events are being arranged)

Note: I can now only undertake events where the travel is suitable and expected numbers are good. I’m sorry but events may be cancelled if there is not sufficient interest beforehand.

Books are usually available for sale and I will happily sign new ones but please be considerate about older editions. (My handwriting tells its own story…) It is also polite to remember that our hosts at the venue are holding events in order to sell new stock.


Thursday 5 April – Official UK hardback publication of Pandora’s Boy


Friday 25 May – 7.00 Gateshead Library, talk and signing

Saturday 21 July12.00 Salisbury Museum, Festival of Archaeology

Friday 17 August – after-dinner speaker at St Hilda’s Crime conference, Oxford

Thursday 4 October – Official UK paperback publication of Pandora’s Boy

Saturday 6 October – Fishbourne Roman Palace, 2.30 Q & A event, followed by signing (and I believe there may be afternoon tea)

Saturday 20 October – 6.00 Harrogate Literary Festival