A Capitol Death

Plot Summary

Something’s coming, something big… and it’s Domitian’s double Triumph over the Chatti and Dacians – or, in the absence of prisoners and booty, borrowed vases and actors impersonating miserable foreigners. Everything is held up while the actors have time to grow their beards. All Rome has been taken over by this colourful festival, though Our Master’s day may be blighted because a man has fallen to his death from a revered religious site: did he fall, or was he pushed – and will it affect the omens? A determined witness knows the answer, or thinks she does. Her eyesight may not be too good, but she refuses to shut up…

Albia has already said that one woman with a note tablet could organise the triumph, and she agrees to start asking sensible questions to save the Emperor’s big day from ruin; it quickly becomes obvious that the victim was hated by everyone who knew him. Her suspects list will be long, and it won’t only be the crime that has a nasty whiff; some people involved smell terrible. At least investigating on the Capitol brings her back into contact with those old friends we have all missed so much: Juno’s Sacred Geese. But when a second death takes place on the Tarpeian Rock, it is clear that a dangerous killer is at large. Albia promises Tiberius she won’t go after the man alone – but can she keep her promise???