Maps for the Audio Books

Audiobook readers, who don’t receive the maps, have asked for them to be put here. They are reproduced here by kind permission of Random House – but please note that permission does not include downloading or otherwise copying them. Credit for all maps is to Rodney Paul.

We have three maps that apply to more than one book: the Roman Empire, Rome and the Vigiles Jurisdictions, and the north end of the Forum (these are all in Falco: the Official Companion, incidentally, along with other geographical information). Maps relevant to individual novels can be accessed from each novel’s title.

Rome & the Vigiles Jurisdictions
North end of the Forum
Silver Pigs (Britain)
Shadows in Bronze (Italy and Campania)
Venus in Copper (generic Map of Rome)
The Iron Hand of Mars
Poseidon’s Gold
Last Act in Palmyra (Syria/Decapolis)
Time to Depart
Dying Light in Corduba
Scandal Takes a Holiday (Roman World)
Scandal Takes a Holiday (Plan of Ostia)
See Delphi and Die (Delphi – Roman Achaea)
Saturnalia (Environs of Rome)
Alexandria (Alexandria)
Nemesis (Latium and the Pontine Marshes)