Film rights to all my books, including The Course of Honour, Rebels and Traitors, A Cruel Fate, and Master and God, currently reside with me.

A film called The Age of Treason was made some years ago, ostensibly of The Silver Pigs, though who would know? It departed from everything that I think makes the books special. This is the terrible side of Hollywood in particular and film companies in general. It taught me that authors will probably not be made rich and famous through film rights, that they should demand enough money to cover any pain, and that they have a duty to loyal readers to defend much-loved characters.

The BBC then optioned the entire Falco series on what seemed decent terms but they bought another series instead.

News In January 2013 I signed an option for Mammoth Screen to develop the Falco series, starting with the original books, for TV. Mammoth are responsible for many well-known series, and their directors are Falco devotees. I shall be a consultant on the project.

It will take several years (at least) to bring a major series like this to the screen. When there is news I will tell you, but at the moment it is far too soon to say anything else about it. In particular, I am not intending to speculate on who could play Falco or any other characters.